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At Super Hawk we sell the best canopies in the industry; brands like SnugTop, Century, and more. We also have just about anything to upgrade and accessorize your truck. Take your truck from stock to stunning. Give us a call!

Marysville: (360) 653-1401

Burlington: (360) 757-1881

SnugTop Canopies

Snug Top

SnugTop's products are known, respected, and requested worldwide, our styles are fresh and original, flowing seamlessly in whatever you drive and holding to our strict standards enables us to deliver what no one else can – The pride of owning the very best.

Commercial Canopies


At Super Hawk we not only sell licensed products, we custom build aluminium framed and sided canopies fromt he ground up. Our custom aluminium canopies are quality built to last. By putting our name on it, we are staking our reputation. Only the best builds get the Super Hawk name.

Century Canopies

Century Canopies

When you choose a Century truck cap or tonneau, we’re “with you for the long haul.” It’s more than a slogan. It’s a way of doing meaningful, responsible business. It’s a partnership we form with our customers. And it’s an assurance that we’ll be there when you need us.

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